Short, compact, powerful! The XT variant of the boar hunting specialist offers not only optimal damping on the Heavy Medium barrel, but the "semi-auto" contrast sights are perfectly suited to the needs of the driven game hunter. The toughest of the tough, the Forest XT can withstand the roughest use, offering dog handlers and beaters/shooters their money's worth.

  • S 101 Forest XT with synthetic ERGO MAX stock with Soft Touch coating
  • Machined steel receiver
  • 51 cm (20 in) precisely rifled Heavy Medium Barrel
  • DURA SAFE direct firing pin safety
  • Crisp 2 lb trigger pull
  • Matte black finish
  • EVER REST action bedding
  • Ambidextrous stock with symmetrical palm swells
  • Removable double-stack magazine
  • Optional muzzle threading

Technical Data

Caliber groups / Bolt heads
Medium .308 Win. // .30-06 Spring // 8x57 IS // 9,3x62
Ø Barrel length Weight
Medium 19 mm 51 cm 3,25 kg


Caliber Length of twist (mm) Length of twist (Inches)
.308 Win. 279 mm 11,0"
.30-06 Spring. 279 mm 11,0"
8x57 IS 240 mm 9,4"
9,3x62 360 mm 14,2"