Avantgarde Grande Lux
English Scroll

If an ornamental design has ever earned the title of "timeless", then it is the English scroll. This engraving, when executed with flawless workmanship, enjoys absolute sovereignty and peace. You can see roe deer here – if desired, it can also be provided with three instead of two animals shown.

European main theme: Red deer, roe deer, wild boar, fallow deer, chamois, mouflon, ibex, European elk, brown bear, wolf

North American main theme: White-tailed deer, Wapiti/Maral, North American elk, mountain goat, Marco Polo, big horn, wolf, black bear, grizzly bear

African main theme: Oryx, kudu, springbok, impala, cape buffalo, warthog, leopard, lion, elephant, hippo, rhino

Other game species are possible on request and at an additional cost.