Sauer 101 Artemis

The optimum stock dimensions for ladies are the heart of the S 101 Artemis. Compact stock length, a sleek pistol grip and a reduced distance between trigger and shooting hand form the three pillars on which the perfect fit for huntresses rests. Not only the stock but the whole setup is designed to impress. Thanks to the 51 cm barrel the Artemis captivates with its outstanding balance at an overall weight below three kilograms.
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Technical data

Simply perfect

Optimized for the huntress: The Sauer Artemis stock

Optimized for the huntress: The Sauer Artemis stock 

The steeper backward slope ensures a perfect head position behind the rifle scope. In combination with the slimmer pistol grip, even tender hands can grip optimally.


Simply safe

DURA SAFE – safe, silent and ergonomic

DURA SAFE – safe, silent and ergonomic 

Maximum safety, optimum operation. The DURA SAFE is a direct firing pin safety. It operates as an ergonomic slide on the bolt shroud. Operation is effected instinctively and silently.

Maximum precision

EVER REST barrel bedding: Spectacular innovation

EVER REST barrel bedding: Spectacular innovation 

The patented EVER REST concept turns the symbiosis of ultra robust bedding and maximum decoupling of barrel and receiver into reality– which has been considered impossible up to now. This provides precision both even under the most extreme climatic conditions and after several thousand rounds.

Quality Made in Germany

Cold-hammer forged precision barrel for guaranteed accuracy

Cold-hammer forged precision barrel for guaranteed accuracy 

Barrel and receiver are made on site in Isny/Germany. Every barrel is cold-hammer forged and thus a guarantor for our precision of less than one MOA.

Our receivers are made using the latest CNC milling technology, in order to perfect the symbiosis of barrel and receiver as well as Sauer’s legendary smooth bolt operation.


Crisp single-stage trigger

Crisp single-stage trigger 

Thanks to its extra wide, Match-rifle-shaped trigger blade the single-stage trigger provides premium-class shooting comfort. Trigger weight: 950 g (2lb.). Character: crisp

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Technical data

S 101 Artemis

Standard: .243 Win., .270 Win., 6,5x55 SE, 7x64, .308 Win., .30-06 Spring., 8x57 IS, 8,5x55 Blaser, 9,3x62

Total Weight
Standard: ca. 2.900 g / 102 oz.

Total Length
Standard: 980 mm / 39 inch

Barrel Length
Standard: 510 mm / 20 inch

Barrel Contour

Barrel Surface
blued (brüniert)


Trigger Weight
950 g / 33,5 oz.

Magazine Capacity
Standard: 5

Muzzle Thread


Stock Shape
ErgoMax RH/LH

Stock Material

Adjustable Comb