Warranty conditions

This warranty provided by J. P. Sauer & Sohn GmbH is in addition to the distributor's legal warranty conditions so long as the accompanying firearms certificate is completed and received by J. P. Sauer & Sohn GmbH within ten days of the purchase date. This warranty is offered only to the initial purchaser, who must also be a resident of the country of purchase. This warranty only covers the metal and plastic components of the firearm and original SAUER conversion parts. It does not cover the telescopic sight. Wooden components of the firearm are natural products that are subject to natural changes and therefore require special care. For these reasons they are not included in this warranty.. The warranty period begins with the purchase date and is limited to a period of ten years following this date. It includes all defects of and damage to the firearm (metal and plastic components only) that can be proved to be the result of material defects in and/or production errors. In such cases, the manufacturer will assume the material and labor costs incurred during the repair of these defects. In order for warranty work to be performed, the firearm must be sent to an authorized specialist distributor or to J. P. Sauer & Sohn GmbH in Isny, Germany. Shipment of the firearm must be in compliance with the entirety of Section 4.3 // 'Shipping the rifle'. The dangers and costs associated with transporting the firearm to and from the manufacturer are the responsibility of the customer. The warranty service (e.g. repair or replacement of defective components) shall be performed at the manufacturer's discretion; replaced/defective/faulty/damaged components become the property of the manufacturer.

Shooting performance guarantee

The firearm's shooting precision depends on numerous factors. The ammunition used is the most important factor. Not every barrel shoots every type of ammunition equally well, and differences in performance may result. The telescopic sight and its mounts are also important. Parallax (differences in perspective), a loose or defective sight and incorrect mounting are the most frequent causes of unsatisfactory shooting performance. For these reasons, you should use a brand-name scope sight that has been mounted by a specialist and test the performance of various types and brands of ammunition in your rifle. Ammunition of the same make and type may demonstrate varying shooting performance and accuracy from one production lot to another and from one firearm to another. We guarantee excellent shooting performance from our firearms provided that the best possible ammunition, scope and mounts have been selected. Objections to the shooting performance of your firearm must be submitted in writing within 20 days of the purchase date. We reserve the right to submit the firearm to an independent institute for testing (DEVA or National Proof House). In the event that this evaluation results in excellent shooting performance, we shall be entitled to charge the customer for any associated costs.

Warranty scope

Service under warranty does not extend or renew the warranty period for either the firearm or any replacement parts that may have been installed. The warranty period for any replacement parts that have been installed ends when the warranty period for the entire firearm ends.

Warranty exclusion

The warranty will be considered void in the case of:

  • Damage resulting from normal wear and tear, failure to follow the operating instructions, incorrect use or handling, and firearms that have suffered mechanical damage of any kind.
  • Damage due to force majeure or environmental influences.
  • Firearms that have been repaired, processed or altered by third parties.
  • Use of reloaded or non-CIP-approved ammunition.
  • Blueing applied by third parties.

The warranty does not include optical sighting equipment or scope sight mounts supplied by manufacturers other than J. P. Sauer & Sohn GmbH. Subsequent or other claims, especially claims involving compensation for damages caused to anything other than the firearm in question (consequential damages) are excluded, provided liability is not explicitly regulated by law.