A perfect meal is no more and no less than the optimal mix of ingredients. Here our 'chefs' have used only the best: Synchro XT thumbhole stock, Soft Touch panels, Black Magic trigger, DLC coating and the power of the fastest SAUER hunting rifle ever.

  • Black Synchro XT Thumbhole stock with Soft Touch coating
  • Ambidextrous stock suitable for both left-handed or right-handed shooters
  • Black slip-proof elastomer inlays on the cheek piece, pistol grip and forend
  • Matte hard anodized lightweight alloy receiver
  • Black DLC-coated dust cover and charging handle
  • 6 lugs lock the bolt directly into the barrel
  • Nitrobond-X® for superior rust protection
  • Black Magic trigger (950 g/2.1 lb trigger pull)
  • Manual cocking
  • Elegance sights (black adjustable front and rear sights)
  • Detachable 2-round magazine

Technical Data

Caliber groups / Bolt heads
Medium .308 Win. // 7x64 // .30-06 Spring. // 8x57 IS // 9,3x62
Magnum .300 Win. Mag. // .338 Win. Mag.
Ø Barrel length Weight
Medium 17 mm 51 cm

Options S303 Synchro XT Ultra


The sighting can be selected fully according to the individual conceptions: Leaf rear sight completely in black or forest sight with yellow triangular rear sight and red LED sight or battue rail and red LED sight. All can be adjusted and, thus, perfectly direct the eye to the target.


A barrel thread and removable DUAL BRAKE barrel brake is available as an option for the S 303. It "absorbs" another 20 percent of the recoil so that a S 303 thus converted smothers all risk of the bugs in the nucleus.


There are three stock caps for all polymer stocks of the S 303, that can also be subsequently replaced to fit exactly. Above all, the SAUER Speed Cap is perfectly suitable for quick start up and ensures a better impact with thicker winter clothing.