A thumbhole stock with infinitely adjustable comb that allows for fully relaxed sighting, swinging and hitting. A self-loader that reduces recoil by about 30 percent and makes superfluous the hand motions required for a manual repeater. Ergo, a gun that sets new standards in terms of shooting comfort, ergonomics and handling. Or simply, "S 303 Synchro XT".

  • Manual cocking
  • Hard anodized alloy receiver with integral scope mount bases
  • Complete rust protection with Nitrobond-X®
  • Removable magazine
  • High-contrast open sights
  • Crisp trigger with minimal creep
  • Synchro XT thumbhole stock with infinitely adjustable comb
  • Quick detach sling swivels

Technical Data

Caliber groups / Bolt heads
Medium .308 Win. // 7x64 // .30-06 Spring. // 8x57 IS // 9,3x62
Magnum .300 Win. Mag. // .338 Win. Mag.
Ø Barrel length Weight
Medium 17 mm 51 cm / optional 56 cm
Magnum 17 mm 51 cm

S303 Synchro XT Options


It may be called the Black Magic Trigger but getting a prewiously unheard-of-trigger pull of only 950 g (2.1 lb) in a semiauto is not actually magic.It is the result of inteliigent engineering and uncompromising manufacturing quality. The Black Magic Trigger is optionally available for all other Sauer 303 models from serial number R0080000.


The sighting can be selected fully according to the individual conceptions: Leaf rear sight completely in black or forest sight with yellow triangular rear sight and red LED sight or battue rail and red LED sight. All can be adjusted and, thus, perfectly direct the eye to the target.


A barrel thread and removable DUAL BRAKE barrel brake is available as an option for the S 303. It "absorbs" another 20 percent of the recoil so that a S 303 thus converted smothers all risk of the bugs in the nucleus.


There are three stock caps for all polymer stocks of the S 303, that can also be subsequently replaced to fit exactly. Above all, the SAUER Speed Cap is perfectly suitable for quick start up and ensures a better impact with thicker winter clothing.