Compact. Robust. Huntable.

The new Sauer 101 Highland XTA.

Elegance to perfection.

The new Sauer 101 Elegance.

Sauer 101 Silence GTI.
A new class of
bolt action rifle.

People will still be talking about this for generations to come.


This is where we store precious wood for many generations.

Timeless and innovative.
Lightweight and silent.

The new Sauer 404 Silence XTC

Sauer Artemis.
A woman's weapon.

Experience a new generation of rifles for women!

Handmade Fine Leather Accessoires


Timeless gun-making blends with cutting-edge materials: The lightweight bolt action rifle S 404 SYNCHRO XTC with ergonomically perfect stock made of carbon.

Semi-automatic shotgun SL5

Instinctive speed, timeless elegance: The Sauer semi-automatic shotgun SL5 combines the power of a semi-automatic with the balance and "shootability" of a classic hunting shotgun.

The Sauer ATELIER 1751

Our master engravers turn every Sauer hunting firearm into an individually crafted work of art. There are almost no limits to your imagination when it comes to the artistic arrangement.

Guns for generations

A hunting rifle made by Sauer is an investment in generations. Every single rifle or shotgun by J.P. SAUER & SOHN not only boasts uncompromising quality, utmost precision and timeless beauty, but also leaves lasting values, that are passed on from generation to generation.

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Atelier 1751

Atelier 1751

Atelier 1751 

Through master’s hand our engravers of the ATELIER 1751 bring your dreams to life and create immortal work of arts, persisting for generations.

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Our shop for true Sauer fans

Our shop for true Sauer fans