SAUER 101 Ceratech

This silver is worth gold.

SAUER 101 Ceratech

A weapon for every day use and all weather conditions This is the new SAUER 101 Ceratech. The silver Ilaflon-coated steel parts protect the weapon from any rust and the sturdy plastic shaft with its soft-touch coating gives you maximum grip in all conditions. This S101 model comes with a threaded muzzle with a cap as standard so that a suppressor or muzzle brake can be fitted at any time. The handy S101 chamber ball guarantees relaxed and smooth repeating.
As an option, the team at Isny will garnish the new all-weather weapon with really outstanding details for relaxed and accurate shooting: The adjustable comb. This optimally positions the sight light from the eye through the rifle scope, gives a relaxed hand position and thereby the best trigger pull and shot control.

  • Polymer ERGO MAX stock
  • Optionally with a height adjustable comb
  • Maximum corrosion protection thanks to the Ilaflon® coating on the barrel and sleeve
  • Dry 950 g direct trigger action
  • DURA SAFE firing pin safety system
  • M15x1 muzzle thread with union nut
  • Handy revolver knob as the bolt handle ball
  • 6-lug closure directly on the barrel

Technical Data

Caliber groups / Bolt heads
Medium 22-250 Rem. // .243 Win. // .270 Win. // 7x64 // .308 Win. // .30-06 Spring. // 6,5x55SE // 8x57IS // 9,3x62
Magnum 7 mm Rem. Mag. // 300 Win. Mag. // .338 Win. Mag
Ø Barrel length Weight
Medium 16,5 mm 56 cm
Magnum 16,5 mm 62 cm


Caliber Length of twist (mm) Length of twist (Inches)
.22-250 Rem. 356 mm 14"
.243 254 mm 10,0"
6,5x55 220 mm 8,7"
.270 254 mm 10,0"
7x64 220 mm 8,7"
.308 Win. 279 mm 11,0"
.30-06 Spring. 279 mm 11,0"
8x57 IS 240 mm 9,4"
9,3x62 360 mm 14,2"
7mm Rem. Mag. 241 mm 9,5"
.300 Win. Mag. 279 mm 11,0"
.338 Win. Mag. 305 mm 12,0"