"Hybrid" stands for SAUER's still unique combination of noble walnut root wood and extremely sticky elastomeric inlays. This feature unites flawless ergonomics with dynamic elegance. A SAUER 303 with deluxe wood – hauntingly beautiful. A SAUER 303 with polymer stock and inlaid grip panels – impressively modern. The result is an exclusive rifle that, in terms of secure grip and positive control, has no equal.

  • Stock in Grade 6 or 8 (Grades 9 – 11 optionally available)
  • Ultra-grip stock with elastomer pads on the cheek piece, pistol grip
    and forend
  • Matte hard anodized lightweight alloy receiver
  • Jeweled bolt
  • 6 lugs lock the bolt directly in  the barrel
  • Manual cocking system
  • Black Magic trigger (2 lb trigger pull)
  • Nitrobond-X® rust protection
  • Elegance open sights
  • Detachable 2-round magazine with lightweight alloy floorplate

Technical Data

Caliber groups / Bolt heads
Medium .308 Win. // 7x64 // .30-06 Spring. // 8x57 IS // 9,3x62
Magnum .300 Win. Mag. // .338 Win. Mag.
Ø Barrel length Weight
Medium 17 mm 51 cm

S303 Hybrid OPTIONS


The sighting can be selected fully according to the individual conceptions: Leaf rear sight completely in black or forest sight with yellow triangular rear sight and red LED sight or battue rail and red LED sight. All can be adjusted and, thus, perfectly direct the eye to the target.


A barrel thread and removable DUAL BRAKE barrel brake is available as an option for the S 303. It "absorbs" another 20 percent of the recoil so that a S 303 thus converted smothers all risk of the bugs in the nucleus.