Voluntary Product-Recall

Dear SAUER customers,

The safety of our customers and hence of our products is our highest priority. Therefore, we do not make any compromises at the slightest suspicion of a product risk and act consequently in your interest.

For this reason we are voluntarily recalling rifles of the Sauer 100 series in caliber 6.5×55 SE. You can check whether your rifle is affected by the voluntary recall here by entering the serial number of your rifle:

Serial number

Serial number 

You can find your serial number here.

FAQ / Frequently asked questions

Q: What hunting rifles are being voluntarily recalled?

A: Certain hunting rifles of the Sauer 100 series in caliber 6.5×55 SE. You can check whether your rifle is affected by this entering your serial number in the input field above.


Q: Why are you recalling these rifles?

A: J.P. SAUER & SOHN is voluntarily instigating a recall to ensure the safety of its customers. During quality checks, J.P. SAUER & SOHN has identified a potential safety issue with certain Sauer 100 hunting rifles in caliber 6.5×55 SE. It was found that a specific batch of barrels does not meet our high quality standards. As a result, a high amount of shots can lead to premature weakening/fatigue of the barrel material. In the worst case, this can lead to severe damage to the rifle. Injury to the shooter also cannot be eliminated.


Q: Are other Sauer models or calibers also affected?

A: No. We would like to explicitly emphasize that other calibers of the Sauer 100 bolt action rifle as well as all other Sauer hunting rifles are absolutely safe and are not affected by this quality assurance measure.


Q: What is the return procedure for my rifle?

A: Please return your rifle immediately to the Sauer dealer where you purchased the rifle. Please do not send your hunting rifle directly to Isny under any circumstances, as this is not permitted for reasons of firearms law.
You can find your nearest Sauer dealer here – Find a dealer.


Q: When will I receive my new rifle back?

A: You will receive your new rifle as soon as possible, but this may vary depending on the country and the related import and export procedures. We are committed to produce and deliver the guns as soon as possible. Please contact your Sauer dealer for more information.


Q: What do I have to consider after receiving the new rifle?

A: Please consider the country-specific firearm laws for the purchase of a new firearm.


Q: What are my costs?

A: The exchange will of course be free of charge, any costs incurred for permits, etc. will reimbursed by submitting the respective receipts via your Sauer dealer.


Q: In which condition will I receive my (new) weapon back?

A: Your Sauer dealer will be happy to re-mount your scope and sight in your rifle free of charge for you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at info@sauer.de.

At this point we would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding that Sauer does not compromise when it comes to product and customer safety.