Sauer 303 Classic XT

Thanks to its ultra-rugged synthetic stock, the S 303 Classic XT is the all-round semi-automatic rifle of ambitious hunters – for every kind of hunting and in any weather.
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Technical data

Excellent direct trigger

Black Magic Trigger

Black Magic Trigger 

Adequate resistance for driven hunts, breaks like glass with accurate long-range shots: Breathtaking 950 g trigger pull weight make the S 303 a perfect companion for any hunting situation.

Maximum Safety

Hand Cocking System

Hand Cocking System 

As with the S 404, the S 303’s ergonomically perfect and smooth metal cocking slide on the bolt shroud also allows the rifle to be cocked both comfortably and extremely silent. By pressing the button with the thumb, the cocking slide silently slides back into the uncocked position. In addition it is also possible to load and unload the rifle in the uncocked position: To do so, simply tap the cocking slide and safely open the S 303.

Maximum Precision

Sauer Universal Mount

Sauer Universal Mount 

From now on, the S 404’s proven and return to zero Sauer Universal Mount (SUM) also is the measure of things with the new S 303. This ensures that the shooter can focus on the target at lighnitng-fast speed and does not need to lift his head in order to use the full potential of accuracy. The SUM is available for all common mounting rails as well as for all ring diameters from 1 inch to 40 mm.

Quality Made in Germany

Cold-hammer forged precision barresl for guaranteed precision.

Cold-hammer forged precision barresl for guaranteed precision. 

Barrels and receivers are made on site in Isny/Germany. Every barrel is cold-hammer forged and thus a guarantor for our world-famous precision.

Our receivers are manufactured using the latest CNC milling technology in order to perfect the symbiosis of barrel and receiver as wellas Sauer’s legendary bolt operation.


Optimised System

Optimised System  

The S 303’s completely redesigned system turns the new semi-automatic rifle into a reliable and controllable hunting companion.

Perfect Protection

Hard chrome-plated barrel

Hard chrome-plated barrel 

The hard chrome-plated bore provides a durable protection against corrosion. This enhances the lifetime of your S 303, given that the rifle is cleaned regularly within the necessary intervals.

The option of the Sauer 303 for a muzzle thread is intended exclusively for use with the original Sauer Dual Brake muzzle brake. The Sauer 303 self-loading rifle is not approved or designed for the use of silencers. The use of a silencer is prohibited when using the Sauer 303 self-loading rifle.

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Technical data

S 303 Classic XT

.308 Win., .30-06 Spring., 8x57 IS

Total Weight
ca. 3.630 g / 128 oz.

Total Length
1060 mm / 41,7 inch

Barrel Length
510 mm / 20 inch

Barrel Contour

Barrel Surface


Trigger Weight
950 g / 33,5 oz.

Magazine Capacity
2 / 5

Muzzle Thread


Stock Shape
Ergo Max RH/LH

Stock Material