Sauer Optima Flow Silencer

The on-barrel silencer for the SAUER 303 semi-automatic rifle. The Sauer Optima Flow silencer significantly reduces stress factors such as muzzle flash, recoil and muzzle blast. Stress free hunting for humans, dogs and game!

The new Sauer Optima Flow silencer is technically optimized for semi-automatic rifles due to
the relief holes in the front trim. The silencer offers a suppression performance of 21 dB. The
recoil damping is equal to that of other silencers. The compact length of the silencer
provides an optimum balance, which improves the swing-through characteristics, especially
for quick shots. Easy handling: Screw on and ready!

Technical details at a glance:

  • Suitable for all S 303 models with muzzle thread from serial number L000…
  • Currently only approved in caliber .308 Win. (The calibers .30-06 Spring. and 8×57 IS
    are still being tested).
  • Type: on-barrel
  • Total length: 168 mm
  • Weight: 350 g
  • Diameter: 44.4 mm
  • suppression performance: 21 dB
  • Material: aluminum outside, stainless steel inside

For S 303 models without muzzle thread, a thread can be retrofitted. The costs can be found
in our current price list or ask your specialist dealer.