Sauer silencer cover

Protection against scratches on the Sauer Titanium Pro silencer and at the same time acoustic and optical camouflage is promised by the new Sauer silencer protective cover.

Thanks to its elastic material, it can be easily pulled over the Sauer Titanium Pro and at the same time fits tightly. The matt look prevents reflections from the sun and thus provides a camouflage effect without any camouflage pattern. In addition, this discreet cover prevents loud noises should it ever happen that the silencer is bumped against the Highseat. A special PU insert ensures a clear view through the scope: it prevents heat-induced flickering in the reticle should the silencer ever be fired hot.
Material: 40% nylon, 60% neoprene
Dimensions product: Ø 45 – 49 mm, length 200 mm