Ladies MacNab Challenge

Congratulations to the winner of the Ladies MacNab Challenge Contest: Tatiana Orosova!

The Ladies MacNab Challenge


Each year a unique event takes place in the vast Highlands of Scotland: The Ladies MacNab Challenge.

A Mac Nab challenge is a Scottish Tradition, which consists in stalking a red deer, shoot a brace of grouse and catch a salmon – all within one day. This tradition, derived from the famous novel by John Buchan under the title ”John Macnab”, is organised every year in September in Scotland exclusively for ladies. The macNab itself is considered as one of the toughest hunting challenges in the world as it requires not only excellent skills in rifle and shotgun shooting, but also in flyfishing and most importantly a good portion of luck. Key factors to success reach from superb equipment and individual skills up to a high class hunting and fishing area.




No official Ladies MacNab has been filmed so far

No wonder that only a few MacNab attempts have been filmed. We joined the huntresses of the previous Ladies MacNab Challenge with a camera team to the estate of Tulchan Glenisla. Find out whether one of the ladies could achieve her dream in accomplishing the famous MacNab!