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DRiven Hunt with MOTV

Celebrating its 10th season as the most celebrated driven boar series ever produced, Wild Boar Fever X takes the genre to the next level. Never has the action of a driven hunt been captured this way, putting viewers closer than ever before. Some of the most exciting wild boar sequences ever filmed have been shot from multiple angles, with forest-cams, in slo-motion and from above with drones. As the largest hunting production ever filmed in Europe, Wild Boar Fever X immerses you in the full driven boar experience, as if you were there in the thick of it; this is Wild Boar Fever X. Watch out an enjoy the free Episode on our Website.


Part 2

Part 3

Mountain Hunt with

Hunting chamois in the Bavarian Alps which brings the hunter to his limit.

Sauer Caps

Sauer Caps 

You can find a lot of different Sauer “Camo Caps” for your hunts in our SAUER Webshop.