Sauer Titanium Pro Silencer

Lightweight and silent: Like no other, the Titanium Pro silencer combines quality, performance und practicality. Besides its outstanding technical characteristics, the Sauer silencer Titanium Pro stands out through its low weight, sleek and streamlined shape and convenient disassembly for easy cleaning and care.

The Sauer Titanium Pro Silencer is not approved or designed for the use with the SAUER 303 self-loading rifle.

The perfect combination of form and function

The perfect combination of form and function 

Because of its practical, tool-free disassembly, the Titanium Pro silencer can be cleaned very easily. Its streamlined shape does not only give the silencer its elegant look but also turns it into a reliable companion even when the going gets tough. You will not even get caught on small branches while stalking. The Titanium Pro is not more and not less than the perfect combination of form and function.

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